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Best Trekking Agency in Nepal Himalayas

Unique Sherpa Trek & Expedition is one of the best trekking and mountaineering agencies. we have collected 19 years of experience in the tourism industry. We organize tours, trekking, peak climbing, 8000 meters + expedition, hiking, valley sightseeing, paragliding, bungee, sky diving, boating, etc., to go to the field and provide our clients with first-hand experiences. As we are trekking/mountaineering leaders, we share with our guests the actual conditions of the journey based on our experiences.

Our other guides, leaders, and other crews are well-experienced in this field. Having years of experience in tourism, they have stepped hundreds of times in Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, and almost all the trekking destinations. Some have stepped to the top of trekking peaks, and mountains numerous times.

Unique Sherpa Trek & Expedition is an authorized fully licensed and dedicated trekking and mountaineering agency in Nepal. Our company is registered at the Company Registration Office, Taxation Office, Nepal Tourism Board, Civil Aviation Department, Industry Department, and Nepal Rastra Bank.

Popular Trekking In Nepal

Trekking is a popular outdoor activity that involves traveling on foot through natural landscapes, often in remote or rugged areas. Like any Day hiking, any mountain Base Camp, mountain Passes, less than 5000 meters hill or the Great Himalayas, etc. It's a recreational pursuit enjoyed by legal or individuals seeking adventure, exploration, physical challenge, and connection with nature. Overall, trekking is a rewarding outdoor pursuit that allows individuals to explore remote and breathtaking landscapes, challenge themselves physically and mentally, and cultivate a deeper appreciation for the natural world. Explore the recommended trekking packages for 2024

Mardi Himal Trek $ 780
Upper Mustang Trek $ 2400
Annapurna Base Camp Trek $ 950
Everest Base Camp Trek $ 1450
Langtang Valley Trek $ 1200

Popular Tours In Nepal

The tours in Nepal offer diverse experiences, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the country's natural beauty, cultural heritage, spirituality, and adventure opportunities. Whether you're embarking on a challenging, exploring ancient temples and bustling markets in Kathmandu, Nepal never fails to captivate and inspire travelers from around the globe. Tours in Nepal cater to adventurers, nature enthusiasts, cultural explorers, and spiritual seekers alike. Here are some of the various types of tours one can embark on in Nepal Trekking Tours, Cultural Tours, Sightseeing Tours, Adventure Tours, Spiritual Tours, and Special Interest Tours. Explore the recommended tour packages for 2024.

Chitwan National Park Tour BOOK NOW

Chitwan National Park Tour

Price: USD 680

Tour In Nepal

Everest Base Camp Heli Tour BOOK NOW

Everest Base Camp Heli Tour

Price: USD 1550

Heli Tours in Nepal

Kathmandu and Bhaktapur Tour BOOK NOW

Kathmandu And Bhaktapur Tour

Price: USD 440

Tour In Nepal

Lumbini Pilgrims Tour BOOK NOW

Lumbini Pilgrims Tour

Price: USD 850

Tour In Nepal

Mountain Flight BOOK NOW

Mountain Flight

Price: USD 1600

Tour In Nepal

Muktinath Temple Tour BOOK NOW

Muktinath Temple Tour

Price: USD 980

Tour In Nepal

Popular Mountain Expedition In Nepal

Expeditions called those climbing above 8000 meters are among the most challenging and prestigious endeavors in the world of mountaineering. Peaks in this category, are often referred to as the "eight-thousanders," So most we need to know about present extreme altitude, harsh weather conditions, technical challenges, significant logistical hurdles, Preparation, Selection of Peak, Logistics, Acclimatization, Weather forecast, Summit Push, Safety, Achievement, and Recognition, Mountains Expedition is the preparation teamwork to overcome the formidable challenges posed by these majestic peaks. Explore the recommended Expedition packages for 2025.

Ama-Dablam Expedition BOOK NOW

Ama-Dablam Expedition

Price: USD 6000

Expeditions Everest Region

KanchanJunga Expedition BOOK NOW

KanchanJunga Expedition

Price: USD 33000


Annapurna I Expedition BOOK NOW

Annapurna I Expedition

Price: USD 52000


Everest Expedition BOOK NOW

Everest Expedition

Price: USD 54000


Makalu Expedition BOOK NOW

Makalu Expedition

Price: USD 32500

Expeditions Makalu Region

Manaslu Expedition BOOK NOW

Manaslu Expedition

Price: USD 14400


Popular Peak Climbing In Nepal

Peak climbing refers to the activity of ascending to the summit of a mountain peak that is lower in elevation compared to 7000 meters. but still presents significant challenges in terms of altitude, technical difficulty, and terrain. It combines elements of hiking, rock climbing, and mountaineering, offering adventure enthusiasts an opportunity to experience the thrill of reaching a high-altitude summit without the extreme risks associated with climbing the tallest peaks. Peak climbing offers a thrilling and rewarding outdoor experience, allowing climbers to test their limits, and challenge themselves in remote and rugged environments. Explore the recommended Peak climbing packages for 2024.

Chulu West Climbing BOOK NOW

Chulu West Climbing

Price: USD 2880

Peak Climbing

Island Peak Climbing BOOK NOW

Island Peak Climbing

Price: USD 2650

Peak Climbing

Lobuche Peak Climbing BOOK NOW

Lobuche Peak Climbing

Price: USD 2600

Peak Climbing

Mera Peak Climbing BOOK NOW

Mera Peak Climbing

Price: USD 2600

Peak Climbing

Pachermo Peak Climbing BOOK NOW

Pachermo Peak Climbing

Price: USD 3000

Peak Climbing

Pisang Peak Climbing BOOK NOW

Pisang Peak Climbing

Price: USD 2740

Peak Climbing

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